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About Us

A five member Board of Directors established the Mazon State Bank in 1944. The total number of shares outstanding at that time was 156 shares valued at $100.00 per share. The assets of the Bank totaled $25,000 in a small Illinois Village of approximately 300 people. Robert Breisch was named Chief Executive Officer and President in 1969. Breisch has been a part of the bank since 1969.

Since its inception, the banks primary mission has been to serve the banking needs of Mazon and surrounding communities, and this continues to be the primary driving force behind the bank today. Being an established community bank in a three county area, the bank has built a reputation of conservative soundness that has served it well. Through the years, the bank has enjoyed a higher quality leadership and staff, than its competitors, and this has helped the bank maintain their share of the local market.

In June of 1969 the Banks assets were approximately $800,000. By June of 1999 the Banks assets were 57 million dollars. The Village of Mazon is now about 1000 people and the banks assets to date are approximately seventy-eight million.

Mazon State Bank opened a branch in Diamond, Illinois in 1982. In July of 1998 a second branch was added in the town of Braidwood located in Will County, Illinois. Combined, Mazon State Bank presently has forty + employees over all.

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Mazon State Bank is to provide quality financial services to the customers in the communities we serve.

CEO's Vision

I see our bank as the highest quality customer service community bank within the communities we serve. Because of the dedication of our staff, and the quality of service they render to our customers, five years from now, even our competitors will admit that we are a premier financial institution in this market. As a premier bank in the market, I see this bank continuing to increase our share in the residential real estate needs of the area. I see the bank maintaining a market share of consumer and small business loans, but I do not see us dominating these areas of lending. I see deposit growth each year due to the consistent increase in housing and development in our area. I see superior customer service rendered by our employees, which in turn will produce profit increases through cross selling opportunities.

The bank will continue to operate from its main facility along with the two branches, and it will effectively be competing against branches of our competitors. I eagerly look forward to leading our employees as we seek to turn this vision into reality. I also look forward to working with bank employees as they find their niche in the banks future. Together, we are going to make this bank an enjoyable place to work, while turning it into the premier bank of the communities we service.


Michael C. Breisch, Chairman
Eric Misener, Vice President
David Baudino
Christina Breisch-Harty
Tim Harty Sr.
George McComb
Terry O'Brien